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How I Know My Wife Still Loves Me

Not that I have any doubts (I mean, c'mon, it's me, right?), but every now and then something comes up that lets me know she's not sick of my nonsense yet.  One of those things came up yesterday.  Prior to that, it was getting me a calendar featuring goats in trees.  Now, I didn't even know goats in trees was a thing.  It seems all the pictures are from Morocco, but I'm sure it happens elsewhere.  Anyway, at some point in the last few years I've developed a fondness for goats.  I have no idea why or when it happened, but there's just something about them.  I even looked into whether we could get a goat, but it's illegal where we are.  So she knows about the goat thing.  She also knows that the only real criteria I have for a calendar is it has to be bizarre.  Needless to say, the goats in trees calendar delighted me to no end.  Here's a representative example of goats tooling around in trees.  You can search Google and get hundreds more like this, and there are a number of youtube videos of it as well.  

Ok, so that was the previous time, what was it this time?  Basically, I have started going to the gym more (as in, more than none, which is what I was doing before) and I'm working with a trainer.  I found out my trainer just turned 21 not too long ago, which is one of a few times I have actually felt old.  The other time was at work.  They send out anniversary emails each month, and one of the call center people informed me that she was 13 when I started working there.

Sorry, I got off track there.  So my trainer is young, but has surprisingly good taste (meaning he likes things I like).  So I decided I'm going to give him a cultural workout by introducing him to the very best sci-fi horror movies ever made.  These are, of course, The Thing (82), and Alien.  I figured I should also throw in one of the best action movies ever made, Aliens.  Before lending them, though, I rewatched them, and it really rekindled my love of Alien.  It used to just be fun and scary, but watching it now there's a certain artistic flair to it that I'm really drawn to.

So what does this have to do with the proof of my wife's love?  She sent me this in an email yesterday

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