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Some Updates

Nothing too long-winded today.  The pants arrived safe and sound.  They fit and look work-appropriate enough, so this story had a happy ending.

The backup tracking app continues to plod along.  Currently one can view a table of backups, a table of hard drives used for backups, can add new hard drives, modify existing drives (not sure there's a lot of need for that, come to think of it), and add new backups.  Still need to add a page for modifying existing backups, and a way to delete entries.

I showed my wife the progress I had made a few days ago.  She did the best she could, but it's hard to get excited over something so simple as this tracking app.  I don't generally get any real feeling of accomplishment when I do things.  Usually the closest I get is relief that a particular task is over and I can move on to something else.  But this is different, somehow.  When I figure out a solution to a coding problem it's a genuine rush, if only for a moment.  It sucks that there's no way to convey that feeling when looking at the finished product.  She can't see the two hours of research, experimentation, and testing, she just sees a dropdown list that pre-selects the right entry when you hit Edit on the hard drive table.

I'm starting to update other areas of this site, slowly but surely.  Added a link to my Github profile.  I've updated LinkedIn and Google+, though I don't think they're linked here yet.  I still can't really bring myself to use all these social networking sites properly.  I think I just missed being part of the generation that cares about this stuff.  It's more than just the feeling of "who cares", it's the time.  Seems like there's precious little time to go around these days, and proper social networking seems like it would be a time sink.

Speaking of time sinks, Titanfall comes out on Tuesday.  I had a chance to play the demo a few weeks ago when they were stress-testing their servers, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the full thing. The link up there is to the ridiculous Collector's Edition, which clocks in at $250.  They're also selling "Professional Quality" branded headsets for $150, and even have Titanfall Xbox One console bundles.  This all seemed highly unusual for a new franchise until I did a little research and found this was being done by some of the original Call of Duty guys.  Some of the gameplay elements address some of the problems I have with these big multi-player shooters, plus it's got big-ass robots, so I'm in.  I'm sure I'll explore that in greater length in a future post.  This one has already gone on way longer than I intended.  Until next time!


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