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Blood Lake? Blood Snakes? Lake Vampires?

I wanted to write about this before the whole thing was over.  A while ago my wife signed up for an online focus group/survey with Discovery.  Every now and then she'll involve me in them because she's not really into that particular panel of questions.  This seems to fundamentally go against the idea of using her as a focus group participant, right?  But it's fun.

The last time she started asking me their questions it was about what movies have they seen, and it was a bunch of the terrible made-for-Syfy, low budget, campy monster movies that I absolutely love.  Sharktopus?  You bet.  Sharknado?  Of course.  Megashark vs [other large thing]? Definitely.   They weren't all shark related, but those are the ones that come to mind.

So then it starts asking about other things you watch, and asking about what movie names you might be interested in.  Stuff like in the title, but they don't tell you what the movie's about.  A lot of them included either blood or vampire, and lake.  I kept thinking it was about redneck vampires that lived near a lake.  Blood Lake ended up being out favorite.  I don't think they ever really let on what the movie is about, but I think there were enough clues to figure out it was about rampaging lamprey eels.  I found the whole thing interesting but never really gave it another thought.

So a few weeks ago I was watching Animal Planet, and I saw them teasing monster week, and in particular a movie at the end of it.  I don't think they said the name in those early teasers, but it ends with a close up of a lamprey mouth.  How would I know what a lamprey mouth looks like, you ask?  I saw it on the show I was probably watching Animal Planet for, called River Monsters.  I never would've thought a fishing show would be interesting, but it features the real and absolutely horrific critters that populate fresh water rivers.  Here's a link to a google image search for tiger fish as an example. One of the monsters was lampreys, and while they are not particularly dangerous, they are disturbing looking.

It's hard to tell in hindsight if I put it all together right away, but it sunk home in the next round of ads when they announced the name of the movie:  BLOOD LAKE!  I think my head exploded when I heard that.  After I put my head back together, I set up a recording for it.  In normal circumstances, I don't know that this movie would have really caught my interest.  I love monster movies, but this one sounds a little normal for my tastes.  Maybe if they were giant eels, or could fly or something.  The focus group thing got me invested.  Also, some of the teaser stills look downright disturbing, which is always a good sign.  Plus they listened to me about naming it, so I feel like I kind of owe them


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