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New Computer

So I got a new computer. It's a desktop, which is kind of weird and fun for me at this point. I've been exclusively using laptops since before I started college, which is probably six or seven years at this point. I had a decent desktop back then, but I didn't really have a place to work. I tried plugging it in and using it a few months ago, but the motherboard, apparently overcome with feelings of neglect, decided to end it all in a magnificent display of scrambled output which turned into perpetual blue screens of death.

I thought I was content with laptops, but lately I've found them lacking for what I want to do. Part of it is the screen size. I don't like large laptops, and my eyesight never got worse, so 13" set to the highest resolution is pretty much perfect for me for most things. However, as I get deeper into programming, I'm finding that this size is simply not adequate. I've been having a lot of trouble moving forward with the employee directory, and I think part of it is I can't see a lot of the code on my laptop. With all the indenting and the chunks of the screen taken up by the editor it can get cramped and hard to read. Up until now it hasn't been a big issue because what I've been doing isn't terribly complicated. But this directory is by far the most complex thing I've tried to do, and I find trying to work on it on the laptop intimidating. I'm hoping a big screen or two will help with that.

The other thing I've found lacking on laptops is gaming. For better or worse, video games are my relaxation method of choice. I've been content to use Xbox to scratch this particular itch for years, but there are some games that just don't translate well to a controller. Laptops are fine for some of this stuff, but they just aren't meant for it. I know there are "gaming" laptops out there, but the requirements for what laptops are and what games need seem to be fundamentally at odds with each other. Games want big everything. Huge files, the more processing power the better, lots of RAM, etc. Laptops are all about miniaturization and power conservation. I know you wouldn't be doing much gaming with it on battery power, but still. It can work, but it just seems like a sub-optimal configuration.

The last thing that I think will be good with a desktop is that it's stationary. I'm hoping that sitting at the desk will tell my brain that it's time to use the computer and nothing else. I can't use it on the couch, and I don't have a TV in my office (which also doubles as the doggie dining room), so there should be less distractions.

We'll see. This is all largely theoretical at this point as I'm in the middle of the worst part of buying a new PC, which is setting all my crap up again. The dev stuff is almost done, so I'm going to be fresh out of excuses soon. Only time will tell.

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