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Minor Updates

I'm finally starting to get back into coding again. I don't know what happened, why I stopped for a month. There are excuses I can find, but why bother? I'm only hurting myself the more I procrastinate. Motivation's always been tough for me. But I'm not here to mope (I swear!).

I recently refactored the code a bit on the directory. C# has a very elegant way of dropping in and out of C# code on HTML pages. The rationale being you can write the HTML like you would if it were a plain Jane, static HTML page, and just drop in little bits of C# where necessary. The problem I was running into when making the directory was there were so many of those C# injection points that the whole thing became a big garbled mess. It worked, but I dreaded ever needing to change something.

The solution I came up with was to do all the data manipulation first, and save it all in variables, then insert those variables. So this chunk of code:

<p>Name:    @{result.first_name + " " + result.last_name}</p>

I can't remember if I actually needed the brackets of if it worked in the HTML because of the space. Anyway, I changed that into these two chunks of code:

displayName = result.first_name + " " + result.last_name;

That went up before any of the HTML. Then this became the HTML entry:

<p>Name:    @displayName</p>

Now, admittedly, the name example isn't the greatest as the original version is not terribly complex. They got much worse, but I didn't want to try to illustrate one of the more complex examples here. Suffice it to say that it cut out around 2/3rds of the code that was stuffed in the HTML section, and made all but 2 parts of the directory entry simple, single line HTML with a single C# variable inserted.

I'm still working a little bit on the placement of things, and making sure my changes work for different permutations of employees, names, job roles, etc. Next on the list is going to be a form for adding and modifying directory entries

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    Rich Burns - Journal - Minor Updates
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    Response: Best dating sites
    Rich Burns - Journal - Minor Updates

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