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I Hate SQL Server

This little gem is being written during a viewing of Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark. I find these Syfy movies are kind if like soccer, where I can compose my thoughts while watching and write during commercials and slow parts. These movies are generally not that great, but I find them highly entertaining. I definitely have a thing for Creature Features, but they're pretty rare in main stream movies these days.

So what I really wanted to write about was to vent about how frustrating I find SQL Server. More specifically, setting up SQL Server. It's great once it's all up and running, but it feels like getting it to that place requires a series of almost random and repetitive tasks. Some of this, I know, is my relative inexperience with the product. Some of it, I suspect, is Microsoft taking a more proactive approach to security, which is probably a good thing. Stuff like giving you the option to try logging in with a SQL user when that option is disabled. You would think it would gray out the option to log in that way, but it doesn't, and the error message you get is basically useless. Even better, if you go to the link referenced by the error box to learn why you got that error, it goes to a page not found page on Microsoft's website. I can understand giving unusable options and vague error messages as security measures, but the help link going nowhere really seems like a middle finger.

That was the inspiration for writing this, the half hour snipe hunt I went through to figure out why I couldn't log in with my app user on the new computer. It's not like I'm using an old version. It shouldn't be that difficult to just find out what an error code means. That's honestly my biggest gripe. The other stuff is just the particulars of how SQL server does stuff, like requiring you to make a login, then add that user to the database separately. The somewhat vague user roles that you need to add before that user can do anything. Where you have to go to create and add the users. It's all stuff that makes sense and is easy enough if you're familiar with the product, but it's very counter intuitive at first.

OK, I'm done complaining for now. I think I kind of talked myself of the ledge there. I was far more annoyed and ready to complain when I started writing this. But what good does it do, right? Gotta stay positive

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