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Getting Back on the Horse

The long silence is finally broken.  Without going into too much detail, I had a case of the frownies for a while there.  That's not altogether unusual for me in the winter months, but I think some family stuff made it a little worse.  Regardless of the cause, I feel the cobwebs starting to fade, and the creative juices starting to flow a bit.

I actually wrote some code for the first time in a few months the other day.  Nothing too complicated, just a simple web form that sends an email.  We use a form like that for help requests at work.  The existing one is probably about 12 years old and was made using Frontpage.  It worked, but the code was nearly indecipherable.  We're replacing that server soon, so we wanted to get rid of any of those old frontpage pages.

To make it a little more interesting (both for me and the users) I added some Javascript that will randomly select one of a few different broken computer images each time the page is accessed.  I also added a hidden form element that will submit the IP address of the machine the form was sent from, which will be helpful.

I also volunteered to write a little article on how passwords work for the company newsletter.  I thought that might be fun for people to have an idea how that works.  If it gets accepted I'll post it here.  I'm going to try writing more regularly here, both about coding and the nonsense that entertains me

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