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New Years Resolutions

Huh?  What do you mean it's March?  Would you believe this has been a draft since January?  No?  Well you're right, but I don't know what else to call this.  Anyway...

I've been doing a good amount of thinking, chatted a bit with Adam, and made a few decisions about this little coding odyssey of mine.  One thing that didn't change is the final goal.  I want to write code for a living.  What changed is mostly the path to get there.

Originally I thought I would learn as much as I could, and then look for a job.  Some personal stuff got in the way for a while and I got discouraged.  Recently I found my resolve again, and I thought I'm going to be much more mercenary in my approach.  Forget learning everything, I'm going to learn just enough to get a new job, then look at broadening my skills and branching out.  That's just not me, though.

I didn't quite realize it as it was happening, but during the email exchange and my own introspection I decided I'm going to learn and practice, and just see what happens.  Part of this is, for the moment anyway, going back to PHP, which was the first language I learned past the most basic of levels.  I'm certainly no expert, but I'd like to think I'm beyond a beginner.  Maybe a journeyman.

I think for me, for now, this is a good solution.  I recognized a lot of good stuff in C#, but I think it was too different.  I would get tripped up by too many little things.  I could tell they were the type of things that would become second nature eventually and go away, but constantly grinding to a halt to fix these things was very discouraging.

Right now I think it's more important that I make things and I believe PHP will make that easier for me.  I realize this is not all that different from my original plan, except that getting a new job is less of a focus.  I still want it, but I've come to understand that I can't rush it.  I would be a wreck if I thought I had landed a job and wasn't sure I could pull it off.

What's that?  I haven't said anything about resolutions?  Right, I was just getting to that.  I'm going to try to do at least a half hour of programmery stuff every day.  Maybe not Sundays, we'll see.  But the rest of the time.  Whether that's writing code, reading a book abot coding, learning a new concept, whatever.  For the past two days it's been setting up an IDE and AMP stack.  Soon that might involve setting up a Linux box, since Windows is full of enough gremlins that setting up an AMP stack is taking 2 days.

Either way, I think it's more about the journey for me now.  It's odd, because I feel like I'm being both laid back and serious about this.  I'll try to write on here more again, and be more varied.  I have dissertation length rants about how awesome the Thing and the most recent Godzilla movie bubbling away in my brain.  My wife is sick of hearing about it, and if I don't get it out somewhere I think my head will crack.  

Ok, since you're begging for a little taste of that, there are at least 4 nods to the original Godzilla in the most recent one.  They are the year of the atomic testing/attacks to kill Godzilla (1954), the name of the doctor in charge of project Monarch (Serizawa, the name of the doctor from the original), the news story near the end with "King of the Monsters" in the banner (name of the Americanized version of the original), and the opening and closing shots of still water (admittedly, I'm reaching on this one, but it's possible!).

So there's more of that to look forward to...hopefully I'll stick with the plan, and we'll see what happens.  Until next time!

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